Giuseppe D’Alessandro – aka Kisk – is the owner of Apparel Music, a label based in
London but with multi-cultural roots. He explored a variety of genres, from trip hop to swing, passing through jungle, West London and Detroit, to Deep House, while never abandoning Jazz – the wildest and most impeccable of all – progressively building a digital project.
Out of this came the concept of Jazzy, the ability to make jazz and electronic music communicate. This passion is also manifest in the Oneboy project – musical instruments played live to a DJ set. Giuseppe put this project together with writer Tatiana Carelli under the name Taji bpm. Oneboy performed at the 2007/8/9/10/11/12 Fashion Week furniture show, at various national festivals and events and on an Italian tour in 2008. In 2009, Giuseppe creates Apparel Music – a ʻkitchenʼ of artists from all over the planet. The first 12′ on Apparel is Jazzy Tourism EP of Kisk with SCSI9, Lopazz & Zarook and Yapacc remixes immediately first place on buzz, Whatpeopleplay, Zero-Inch, Junodownload bestsellers chart’s.
The last years Kisk has perfomed in special parties like Privat, Doc Show, Maximal, EDIT Fesival and legendary clubs like Fabric, Tresor, Amnesia, Fluid, Peter Pan, Bitte, Pergola Tribe, Link and many less known but equally important parties.


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